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New courses
by LMS Administrator - Friday, February 10, 2017, 7:05 AM

In addition to the new Vector Control for Environmental Health Professionals course bundle, The Tulane Learning Management System team is happy to announce the addition of a new course, The Strategic National Stockpile Program & Closed Point of Dispensing. Details about the course are listed below. Questions? Email us!

Course Title:
The Strategic National Stockpile Program & Closed Point of Dispensing

Course Description: The Strategic National Stockpile Program & Closed Point of Dispensing course introduces specific topics and outlines criteria related to the operations of a closed point of dispensing (POD). This course was originally developed for the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) for individuals who are interested in or may be working in a closed POD facility. The course is separated into two modules.  Module 1 provides an overview of the Strategic National Stockpile program and describes the purpose and setup of PODs, including closed PODs. Module 2 reviews potential agents that would warrant the opening of a closed POD, the proper algorithms for treatment of these agents, and demonstrates the closed POD dispensing model for the MSDH. This information provided in these modules is designed to help learners identify gaps and planning needs in their organization’s preparedness planning. 

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