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 Maternal and Child Health Course Bundle - Management

 Good management skills are important in any profession and maternal and child health is certainly no exception. In fact, in a recent survey almost 50% of state Maternal and Child Health and Children with Special Health Care Needs program directors identified management skill development as a top three training need for their staff members. The current climate of budget reductions and staffing changes highlights the need for strong management skills that can keep MCH programs running efficiently and motivate workers to perform at their highest levels.

Note: No certificate will be awarded for completing all of the courses in this bundle.

 To complete the Maternal and Child Health Course Bundle - Management certificate program you must successfully complete all of the courses listed below.

Courses Assigned to the Certificate Program: Maternal and Child Health Course Bundle - Management

Course Credit Hours
Managing Diversity Begins with You 1
The Core Elements of Project Management in Public Health 2
Conflict Management 3
Public Health Financial Management 7
Managing and Motivating Effective Public Health Performance 7
Mentoring and Coaching 2
Decision Making: A Systematic and Organized Approach 2