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Note: A course bundle certificate is no longer available for the EPHOC series. This bundle is still available for those preparing for the NEHA exam.

 Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC)


Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC) is a comprehensive package of courses for environmental public health practitioners. The 15 courses are taught by experts in their field and include information on various roles and responsibilities of environmental public health staff. Target audiences include: new-hire environmental public health professionals; individuals preparing for a state or national credential exam; environmental health and other students; and environmental public health professionals wanting to improve their technical knowledge. Additional information on EPHOC is available at

This bundle of courses is designed to be used as a study guide for the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) exam. At this time there isn't an official certificate awarded for completing all 15 courses. For technical assistance, please contact

NEHA has approved these courses as continuing education for California REHS credential holders. In order to receive credit for each course, please send a Certificate of Attendance Request Form along with each course certificate to with appropriate fee (if necessary). You may submit one request for multiple EPHOC courses. After your request has been reviewed and verified, you will receive one Certificate of Attendance for submission to the California Department of Public Health. Please note that review of your request may take up to two weeks.

 To complete the Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC) certificate program you must successfully complete all of the courses listed below.

Courses Assigned to the Certificate Program: Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC)

Course Credit Hours
01. General Environmental Health - EPHOC 3
15. Disaster Sanitation - EPHOC 5
06. Solid and Hazardous Waste - EPHOC 3
04. Potable Water - EPHOC 6
14. Swimming Pools and Recreational Facilities - EPHOC 3
12. Housing Sanitation and Safety - EPHOC 3
11. Air Quality and Environmental Noise - EPHOC 2
10. Occupational Safety and Health - EPHOC 1
09. Radiation Protection - EPHOC 2
08. Zoonoses, Vectors, Pests, and Weeds - EPHOC 4
05. Wastewater - EPHOC 4
03. Food Protection - EPHOC 4
13. Institutions and Licensed Establishments - EPHOC 3
02. Statutes and Regulations - EPHOC 3
07. Hazardous Materials - EPHOC 1