NAME Public Health Programs and Infrastructure - JCDH Only
COURSE STARTS Open Enrollment
COURSE ENDS 7 weeks to complete from date of registration
COURSE DESCRIPTION What is public health and why is it important? Why does government play such an important role in all public health activities including emergency preparedness? Who are the people working to improve the health of the U.S. population? What are they doing? How are they financed and organized? Public health roles and responsibilities are as complex and varied as are the health and safety problems in the U.S. population. The characteristics of the people and the organizations working to improve the health of populations can be described in some detail, for example, the relationships between governmental and non-governmental organizations, the role of public health professional organizations in quality improvement, and trends in financing of local and state public health agencies. This course will describe the organization and structure, espoused values, financing, legal framework, of the people and agencies working to improve the health of U.S.