NAME Ethics and Public Health: How Public Health Reacts Ethically in a Disaster
COURSE STARTS Open Enrollment
COURSE ENDS 7 weeks to complete from date of registration
CEU ELIGIBILITY Not eligible for CEUs

The purpose of this course is to confront the student with some of "life's persistent questions" within the context of the ethics of a disaster in order that the student may discover the answers from within himself and then be able to make appropriate decisions that will allow the student to go about "living outside himself."

The course may be described as a study of the ethical principles that should be applied within the context of a disaster so that the student will be empowered to make correct and timely decisions within the disaster, balancing the concepts of doing the most good for the most people while employing a fair and equitable, yet compassionate process.

To accomplish this, the course exposes the student to the historical background for and genesis of ethical principles within society as a whole and within the various disciplines that practice their art under the rubric of "public health."

The course then provides opportunities to visualize these ethical principles as they apply in real-life situations such as the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, the havoc wreaked on Tuscaloosa by the tornado of April 27, 2011 and the ongoing multifaceted public health crises in the Sudan and Haiti.