NAME Productive Communication Skills
INSTRUCTOR Timothy Keogh, PhD
COURSE STARTS Open Enrollment
COURSE ENDS 7 weeks to complete from date of registration
CEU ELIGIBILITY Not eligible for CEUs
COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to provide you with the communication skills you will need to help you take the next step up in your organization. After taking this course, you will be able to reach a positive outcome with those you supervise by understanding personal communication style differences, using turn-taking effectively, noticing facial expressions which may signal emotions, and maintaining an appropriate body posture when communicating. You will learn the preferred pace of the different styles, and how styles shift under stress. You will learn how to increase your productivity by identifying high payoff activities, handling conflicting priorities, and using your most productive time of day to your advantage. You will learn how to deal with difficult people by improving your listening skills and becoming a more persuasive person.