NAME The Pharmacist's Role in Disasters
COURSE STARTS Open Enrollment
COURSE ENDS 7 weeks to complete from date of registration
CEU ELIGIBILITY Not eligible for CEUs
COURSE DESCRIPTION Hurricanes, tornadoes, bioterrorism, and pandemic flu are all examples of events that create emergencies for the public health system and disrupt the lives and healthcare of thousands of individuals. When such emergencies occur, communities and individuals face real difficulties related to the need to obtain and properly use pharmaceutical products or the need to maintain appropriate pharmaceutical therapies. Pharmacists serve the fundamental role in our ability, as a society, to initiate a pharmaceutical emergency response where needed, and to maintain appropriate pharmaceutical care for a damaged community. The broadcast faculty in this session will discuss the changing role of the pharmacist in the public health system as well as the specific roles of the pharmacist during a public health emergency response. They will also present examples from the experiences of the pharmacy community during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. NOTE: This course was originally delivered as a satellite broadcast.