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 Maternal and Child Health Course Bundle - Leadership


Leadership development is an important topic in any profession and maternal and child health is no exception. In fact, in a recent survey nearly 60% of state Maternal and Child Health and Children with Special Health Care Needs program directors identified leadership skill development as a top three training need for their staff members. Given the aging work force and the potential for significant numbers of retirements over the next few years, thoughtful preparation of junior level staff to assure they are ready to assume leadership roles in the future is critical to the continued success of Title V programs.

Note: No certificate will be awarded for completing this bundle.

 To complete the Maternal and Child Health Course Bundle - Leadership certificate program you must successfully complete all of the courses listed below.

Courses Assigned to the Certificate Program: Maternal and Child Health Course Bundle - Leadership

Course Credit Hours
Community Partnerships and Perspectives - Basic Level 1
Succession Planning for Public Health Agencies 2
Diversity Leadership: A Strategic Approach 1
Diversity and Cultural Competency in Public Health Settings - Basic Level 1
Leadership and Advocacy: Trends and Challenges in Maternal and Child Health 2
Leadership, Strategic Planning and Systems Approaches 10
Building and Maintaining a Collaborative Culture 2
Collaboration: The Key to Public Health System Improvement 5
Community Partnerships and Perspectives Advanced Level 4
Community Partnerships and Perspectives - Intermediate Level 6
Advanced Leadership and Practice – Part II 1
Advanced Leadership and Practice 6