Weaving the Threads of Culture: Working Effectively with American Indians (AI) and Alaskan Natives (AN) is a series of lessons aimed at providing you with the information needed to improve your ability to communicate more effectively with the American Indian/Alaska Native community in which you work as a health provider, health planner, counselor, or however you interact with the native communities. We will provide a view of many aspects of American Indian culture and hopefully remove any stereotypes you may have acquired over your lifetime. Similar to the stages followed when weaving a blanket, a basket or a sash, each of the lessons will depict a different aspect of culture competence. Just as all of these actions are necessary for the weaving to be a success, the lessons in this cultural competency course are necessary to help you work effectively with American Indians and Alaska Natives. Learning Objectives Identify components of culture Explain cultural competence Describe the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity Describe key elements of American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) culture Explain Historical Trauma Response (HTR) in relation to AI/AN